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Dr. William W. Babington and Dr. David T. Babington pride themselves in staying up to date with advanced dental technology and techniques. They want to assure you that they can offer accurate information as well as provide you with comfort and convenience.

Listed below are the different technologies Dr. David T. Babington, Dr. William W. Babington and team utilize at their office.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays are safer for the patient because the exposure rate is up to 50% less than traditional x-rays. The digital imaging software also allows the dentist to zoom in and improve contrast of the x-ray, which can lead to a more accurate diagnosis. Digital x-rays eliminate the inconvenience and environmental impact associated with disposal of conventional film developing solution. The digital images (X-Rays) are also quickly available for viewing.

Panoramic X-Ray

Panoramic x-rays are taken periodically to allow your dentist to get a more wide-angle view of your mouth. They allow the dentist to check for abnormalities in your jaw, and give information on the health of the teeth and bone.

E4D In-Office Crown Milling Machine

Are you looking for crown work to be completed in one day? Drs. William and David Babington have the E4D machine to fabricate same day crowns. While you wait at their office, Dr. William W. Babington and Dr. David T. Babington will prepare the tooth and fabricate a crown in one appointment.

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera allows Dr. William and Dr. David Babington to take color photographs of your teeth and gums. With the intraoral camera, they are able to see the health of your teeth on a monitor and review the images with you.

Rotary Endodontics

The rotary endodontic instrument is a hand-held tool that allows Drs. William and David Babington to perform root canals more efficiently. Root canals are often done in order to save a deeply decayed tooth. Most people are afraid to receive root canal treatment since they are often thought of as painful procedures. With today’s pain management and modern technology, root canals should no longer be feared.

Drs. Babington attend multiple continuing education courses annually to keep abreast of the many advances in dentistry. For endodontic procedures they use reciprocating file technology by Dentsply/Tulsa Dental. This modern system helps them perform endodontics better and more efficiently. The use of digital x-rays during endodontics allows faster treatment with reduced radiation.

Soft Tissue Laser

With a soft tissue laser, the Chantilly Dentist team will be able to provide you with treatment that is more precise and less painful to help reshape or remove soft tissue.

Oral Cancer Screening

Drs. William W. Babington and David T. Babington will perform an oral cancer screening during your routine checkups. During the screening, they will look for any abnormalities or irregular patches on your tongue, cheeks and gums.

Those who are heavy smokers or drinkers are highly recommended to have regular screenings for oral cancer. If you suspect that you may have symptoms for oral cancer, please contact the office right away.

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