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While visiting the office, the Chantilly Dentist, PC team can help you establish a routine that will help you maintain or improve your oral health. By implementing proper oral care at home, you will be contributing to the finest health of your teeth and gums. In addition to at-home care, coming in for a routine visit with your dentist or hygienist is also important.

During a routine cleaning, your dentist or hygienist will remove any plaque on your teeth. You may also receive polishing of your teeth with fluoride treatment. When patients skip their dental cleanings, they often develop dental problems that can be related or lead to health issues.

Skipped dental cleanings could also cause plaque build-up, which causes decay and gum disease. Plaque and bacteria that forms in the mouth can lead to pain and even tooth loss. To learn more, please visit our Periodontal (Gum Disease) and Treatment page.

During your cleaning, your hygienist and dentist will also provide you with regular dental examinations. When you have your exam, your doctor will check for irregular patches on your tongue, cheeks and gums. This process is an oral cancer screening. Dr. William W. Babington, Dr. David T. Babington or a member of their team may also measure the space between your gums and teeth, which is called a periodontal measuring. This exam is necessary in helping your dentist evaluate the condition of your gums. If it is found that you have gum disease, treatment will be recommended.

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